How to Set Up a Hydroponics System

Hydroponic Growing: No Soil Needed

Hydroponic systems are the future of agriculture. Allowing for indoor growth of a wide variety of crops, growers can produce high-quality crops in greenhouses, underground, and in multi-level buildings without a need for soil.

The Green Room offers a variety of commercial and residential hydroponic setups for growing produce or cannabis.  Not only do we engineer our products for a variety of industries, but we also ship nationwide. 

Hydroponics Setup Made Simple

At The Green Room, we’ve worked to optimize hydroponics, offering a few different kinds of growing setups to serve a range of clientele. The most universal method for growers of all types is deep water culture. We’ve broken down the setup process to make your job easier.

Acquire the Growing Materials

For plant root survival, oxygenation is one of the most vital steps. Be sure to get a proper pump system for your hydroponic setup. The Green Room offers engineered, inclusive setups complete with all necessary buckets, reservoirs, piping, and pumping. Our founder Adam Mendes wanted to make sure growers of all skill levels would be able to get started confidently. This means you make one comprehensive purchase and you’re all set to start growing. 

Fill the Buckets with Water & Nutrients

A soil-free setup means you’ll need to explore alternative methods of getting your crop the needed nutrients. The Green Room offers a recirculating deep water culture setup, meaning only one water source needs to be adjusted rather than each individual bucket. This will save you time and allow for more growth more quickly.

Add the Plants

Popular plants grown using hydroponics include leafy greens like spinach, lettuce, mint, parsley, basil, and others. Many growers have had success with fruits and vegetables like cucumber and tomato. Another popular use of hydroponic systems is growing cannabis. We have solutions for every growing goal.

Person holding out fresh grown lettuce

Benefits of Hydroponics

Hydroponic growing is the superior method in today’s industry. The benefits of hydroponics outweigh other methods in many ways. Hydroponic systems:

  • Are environmentally friendly
  • Maximize your space
  • Produce greater yield, faster
  • Allow for controlled conditions (no dealing with bad weather or bugs)
  • Are more cost-effective than other options

Types of Hydroponics Systems

Our focus is efficiency in all regards. The Green Room offers customized systems for all growers paired with customizable add-ons.

Indoor & Outdoor Systems

The Green Room offers indoor and outdoor systems for both commercial and residential growers. Because these systems can be used both inside and out, it’s important to ensure your setup has proper lighting and ventilation. While enclosed outdoor setups benefit from natural sunlight throughout the day, indoor systems require specialized equipment that our team will help you gather.

Pumping Systems

A proper air pump is vital to get roots the oxygen they need and nutrients essential to plant growth. There are various pump types that utilize different methods and work for different sizes of hydroponic systems. The Green Room offers both triple retentive pumps and double retentive pumps. Our commercial hydroponic systems are all closed loop and gravity draining.

Hybrid Systems

Hybrid systems allow for customizable solutions to your growing needs. Whatever your style, The Green Room’s hydroponic systems allow for personalized methods. From ebb and flow to fill and drain and beyond, this allows you to decide what works best for your setup and save time, money, and reduce your carbon footprint.

How Much Does Hydroponics Cost?

The price of your hydroponic setup will depend on varying factors about your needs. The Green Room has a variety of systems available along with convenient add-ons that make your process simple. Select the system that best works for your unique situation and then take advantage of add-ons like quality growing mediums, lighting systems, ventilation systems, and more.

Commercial Hydroponics Setups

  • The Plug Model X 16 Bucket Expandable: Baseline $8,999.
  • The Plug 3-Rail 18 Bucket: Baseline $9,999.
  • The Plug 2-Rail 12 Bucket: Baseline $7,999.

Residential Hydroponics Setups

Custom Setups: Hydroponics for Cannabis

For cannabis growers, The Green Room has custom setups for all levels of growth. Start small and work your way up, or go straight for the highest yield options and replace your current system.

  • Residential growers: Up to 12 8-gallon plants
  • Professional growers: 12–72 plants
  • Microbusiness: 150 plants
  • Commercial growers: 500+ plants

Increase Your Yield with The Green Room

Try out a commercial hydroponic system from The Green Room with a FREE trial. This trial is available for both new and existing owners and tailored to cause minimal disruption to ongoing growth cycles.

You can lease one of our commercial hydroponic systems for a single growing cycle to compare the harvest yield to that of your current system at no cost. Head to our contact page to request a quote