Custom Hydroponic Systems

Build Your Own Hydroponic System with The Green Room

With The Green Room, you can build your own hydroponic system through our comprehensive customization process. We offer both commercial and residential systems in various sizes, offering a solution for every grower. Instead of inhibiting your potential yield with a DIY hydroponics project, trust a professional company like The Green Room to provide the experience and knowledge to guide you to success.

Commercial Systems

For big companies or growers with large yields, The Green Room has a variety of commercial systems to utilize as a base model. Create the perfect setup for your property with customizable features and add-ons.

Residential Systems

The Green Room offers residential systems to utilize as a base model for home growers. Whether you’re just starting out or are making the switch to a more efficient system, we’re here to help you select the features and add-ons that will bring you the most success.

Working with a Professional vs. DIY Hydroponics

Working with a professional company that has experience and knowledge in all facets of the industry will save you the stress of trial and error in do-it-yourself hydroponics projects. We always recommended that you work with a pro instead of attempting a DIY job that could end up with errors that make your system run less efficiently.

Customize Your Features

Want to create a custom hydroponic system? With The Green Room, you can customize everything from the material to the number of buckets and more.


The Green Room offers portions of our systems in a variety of materials. This means you can select the material of the pipes, screen, and even the growing mediums utilized within the unit.


We know that no two growers are the same. Whether you’re a large commercial space with plenty of room for larger systems or a home grower looking for a unit modest enough to fit in your house, we have a system for everyone. Check out our commercial and residential systems to find a size that works for you.


With the ability to grow indoors, sometimes the area reserved for hydroponic systems isn’t the perfect shape for a one-size-fits-all unit. With The Green Room, you can choose tall and narrow systems or opt for a longer, spread-out version.

Number of Buckets

Customize your capacity by selecting the number of buckets you need. While our base models come with a set number of buckets, we can adjust our systems to make your unit perfect for your growth needs.


Choose from typical PVC piping to flexible tubing and more. Let us know if you have a special requirement for the material or configuration of your pipes, and we’ll work to accommodate it. 

Convenient Add-ons

The Green Room provides detailed customization options from custom base units to convenient accessories. You can personalize add-ons down to the smallest details.


Grow lights are one of the most vital tools in indoor growing. With The Green Room, you can select everything from the type of light to the wattage of the bulbs. Find a lighting solution that fits your budget and your growth needs.

Submersible Pumps

Select the submersible pump that will allow you to achieve the greatest harvest. Keep in mind that for each pump, we add another to take over in the event of power failure.


Popular hydroponic irrigation methods include drippers, displacement cups, emitters, and sprayer pumps. The Green Room will help you choose the best irrigation for your hydroponic system.

Timer Systems

Automated timers for your lighting, pumps, and irrigation systems ensure no damaging errors will be made. When trying to remember to switch everything on and off yourself throughout the day, it’s very possible to forget a step or miss a scheduled time. Automated timers keep everything on schedule.

Growing Mediums

Choose from our selection of eco-friendly clay growing pebbles. This growing medium is a popular choice for growers of all levels.

Cooling & Ventilation Systems

Mounted and in-line fans, cooling gels and sprays, air filters, and draft dampeners are all cooling and ventilation systems you can use to customize your hydroponic system. 

Water Reservoirs

Your water storage reservoir should be large enough to maintain the rest of your system. At The Green Room, we offer reservoirs ranging in size and capacity. Our experts will help you to determine which reservoir is right for you.

Nutrient Delivery

From supplements to enhance growth capabilities to pH adjusters and other vital nutrients, it’s important to choose the right delivery system to get these nutrients to the plants most efficiently.

Discover The Perks of a Custom Hydroponic System

  • Access a wide range of nutrient-rich plants: The ability for customization ensures each customer is able to create the best case scenario for their unique situation, leading to the most growth.
  • Choose the size that’s right for you: The Green Room offers a variety of size options in hydroponic systems from small to large. This allows everyone from new home growers to experienced commercial growers to access the systems they need for success.
  • Grow all year long: Hydroponic systems allow for growth all year long due to the lack of soil and the ability to grow without sunlight. With proper grow lights, ventilation, and nutrients, you can get premium plants no matter the season.
  • Be more eco-friendly: With hydroponic systems, there are no weeds and no pests. This means there’s no need for pesticides or insecticides that are harmful to the environment. Plus, the water pumping system recirculates water, minimizing waste.

Custom Hydroponics for Cannabis Growers

Custom hydroponic systems entail many perks for cannabis growers in particular. Using hydroponics for cannabis growth opens the possibility of using autoflowering cannabis (cannabis ruderalis) that is cross bred with cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. This keeps the THC levels optimal while still allowing for automatic flowering. 

Before ordering your custom hydroponics system for cannabis, please remember to research any laws or regulations regarding commercial or residential cannabis production via your local and state guidelines. 

Build a Hydroponic System with The Green Room

The Green Room is a leader in custom hydroponics. Build a hydroponic system that will meet your growing needs today with access to all the best tools and materials available. Contact us with any questions about the models we have available, to request a quote, or for more details on how to customize your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I DIY My Hydroponic System?

It’s always better to trust the professionals when it comes to building hydroponic systems. This ensures no mistakes will be made that might inhibit your ability for successful growth.

Is it Hard to Create Your Own Hydroponic Garden?

Building a hydroponic garden doesn’t have to be difficult. The Green Room makes it simple with easy customization opportunities and fantastic customer service.