About Us


Adam Mendes was once involved with a project to build a commercial marijuana growing facility. With his engineering background, he was able to not only create a successful hydroponic setup, but also invent a completely new system to streamline the growing process.


Adam patented his invention and called it The Plug. He knew such a system would have a wide variety of uses across the hydroponic industry, and he began to get curious about how his product could help both commercial and residential growers.


Today, Adam and Marc aim to make the hydroponic growing process available to all skill levels of growers by providing a best-in-class complete system that is easy to purchase, install, and succeed with. The Green Room’s ongoing vision is continual improvement of systems and expansion into various applications and types of plants.


With The Green Room, you can count on high-end, patented equipment that is extremely user-friendly due to fail safes and cost of use. Our team provides extensive hydroponic expertise for all levels of residential and commercial growers.

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